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How to Wear Threader Earrings With Style

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5 Ways to Wear Threader Earrings With Style:



Over the years we’ve seen a wide variety of earring designs come and go. Styles have changed and new ones have cropped up that we’re spoilt for choice. Yes, from danglers to jhumkas to hoops, we’ve seen and worn it all. But when it comes to versatility nothing can beat the new favourite among fashionistas – the threader or pull through earring. They’re convenient, lightweight, and so easy to style that you can wear them with just about anything. 

Threader earrings are the epitome of edgy chic and should be in every girl’s jewellery box.  But, if you’re still not sure how to pull a delicate chain through your earlobe to create a fashion statement, then it’s time we brought you up to speed on the multiple looks you can create with this hottest new trend. Read on for some quick inspiration on how to wear this dainty earring style that’s great for every occasion.

5 Ways to Wear Threader Earrings With Style:

Go Solo

The basic style, wear your threader as a dangler earring by pulling it through your piercing and keeping both ends at equal height. This is the classic threader style that spells minimalist elegance and is a simple, chic option that can be worn to your workplace and with your evening gown. If you have multiple piercings wear simple studs along with your threader earring to give it the pride of place.


Long threader earrings can be styled in so many ways and one of the most popular is the helix-lobe combo. Pull your threader in from the back of your lobe and push it through your helix piercing to make a nice loose curve in front of your ear. If you have multiple piercings wear two threaders to go high on the edgy style. Wear one threader as a simple single strand that dangles in a simple long ‘U’ and loop the other threader through the adjacent piecing and pull it through your helix, making sure it hangs a little loose in front to form a nice shimmery outline over your ear.


Push both the posts of your threader earring through two adjacent earlobe piercings and let the ends dangle at the back. Make sure you pull both ends all the way through to make It look like a tight straight stitch in the front of your lobe.

Front Loop

This is similar to the stitch style, but this time around don’t pull the ends all the way to the end but just a little on both sides to ensure there’s a slight loop in front of your earlobe. If the threader is longer than usual, then you can make the loop hang just below the earlobe in front with the posts on both ends hanging in the back.


For multiple piercings the wrapped style is the best. Pull your threader through one piercing from front to back, then pull the post from the back, wrap it around your ear by pushing it through from front to back through the next piercing on your lobe. You can loop your threader through multiple holes if you’re wearing long threader earrings. For variation you can tighten the wrap around your earlobe or let it hang in loops to make it look like small hoops.


Whether you have a single lobe piercing and want to wear something that will stand out or want to create your own style statement with your multiple piercings, threader earrings offer a variety of styling options to choose from. You can wear your threader with other threaders or pair it with elegant stud earrings to add some character to your ensemble. From edgy to elegant, threaders can be styled to suit the occasion, you just need to experiment with different styles to create your own unique look.


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