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4 Quick Ways to Look Fashionable in Your T-shirts

Ladies, Are you all wondering how to style your t-shirts daily? Check out these quick ways to style your t-shirts to look more fashionable. To learn more, read the whole...

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Here’s how to make a fashionable t-shirt out of your basic ones:



A must-have in everyone’s closet, the t-shirt is great for just about any occasion. The obvious option if you’re looking to ace the casual chic vibe, tees give you the perfect canvass to create any look you want. From the boardroom to the spa day out, you can wear your tees anywhere, just give it your own unique spin to look effortlessly stylish.

But, if you’re still wondering if it’s not possible to be a head-turner in your basic tee, then read on to see the looks we’ve curated to give your basic t-shirt a fashionable makeover.

Here’s how to make a fashionable t-shirt out of your basic ones:

Add Statement Jewellery

This is a no-brainer. Nothing transforms any outfit better than statement jewellery pieces. From dangler earrings to chunky necklaces, you could take your pick to give your tee a nice dressed-up look. When you choose a necklace just keep the neckline of the t-shirt in mind. For scoop necks go with a statement pendant necklace that rests on the tee’s neckline. You could also style your basic t-shirt by wearing a layered necklace to give it a dressier finish.

Put a Jacket on It

T-shirts are versatile and a jacket helps accentuate your overall look. If you’re not very sure how to make a simple tee stand-out just wear a nice denim jacket for casual outings. Want to wear it to work? Pick a blazer to give you tee a more formal look. You could even make it colourful with a bright blazer that will take the focus off the tee if that’s what you want.

Go Oversized

An oversized tee is the most comfortable piece of clothing and the best part, they’re also the most adaptable. When it comes to the oversized tees, there are so many looks that you could create with it, and you’ll be wondering where to start. You can loosely tuck it into a skirt to go casual chic and feminine or wear it over your leggings for the just-got-out-of-bed vibe when you run grocery errands. But if you’re game for some experimenting, then get an oversized tee that’s long enough to reach mid-thigh and wear it as a t-shirt dress. Just belt it up, add on a pair of ankle boots or patterned tower-high block heels and you should look like a diva.

Dress Up with an Eye-Catching Bag

A colourful bag can transform any outfit. For your basic t-shirts you can pick a bright, multicoloured crochet crossbody bag that epitomises everyday style. They’re not only good to carry your stuff around but also great to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Not into slings? Then pick a large bright sustainable tote bag that’s attention-grabbing good.

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The basic tee on its own is good for most occasions. So, don’t try too much if you want to keep it really casual. But since tees are so versatile, they can form the foundation and you could add layers with the right pieces to complement your overall look. If you don’t want your tee to be the focal point, then wear an interesting jean or a skirt to create an impact. You could go with a colourful pair of jeans for a solid tee or tie it up and wear a tiered maxi for a boho vibe. Just grab your basic tee and try along a range of accessories to create your own unique and fashionable t-shirt that is comfortable yet trendy.


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