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5 Essential Pieces of Jewellery That Should Be in Your Closet

Do you have a set of timeless pieces of jewellery? Let us help you make a new collection with these essentials. Here is a list of 5 jewellery pieces for...

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Here The 5 Essential Pieces of Jewellery For Every Women



Looking top-notch all the time is never easy. Our clothes and the jewellery that we choose to go with it can make or break the look we are trying to achieve. Giving your clothes character and making sure it reflects your personality takes practice and lots of trial and error. However, no matter what the occasion or whatever the trend you choose to follow, there are some staple pieces of jewellery that are truly timeless and should be in your jewel box. Yes, leaving your impulse buys and your cherished jewel investments apart, these fundament pieces are what you’ll need when you have to get ready in a jiffy or look effortlessly stylish on the go.

So, here are some of the go-to-essentials jewellery pieces that you should be investing in right now if you want to look well put-together in a heartbeat.

Here The 5 Essential Pieces of Jewellery For Every Women:

Bangle bracelet

A no-fuss jewellery piece, the bangle bracelet can quickly enhance your formal and your casual wear. Whether you go with a simple plain one or choose a stone-studded bangle bracelet, chances are you’ll be using it more often than you imagine. They are easy to slip into and can be stacked with other pieces to create a completely new look in seconds. To add a little extra personality to your everyday bangle bracelet, pick an eye-catching stone studded one that can be matched with other pieces of jewellery when you want to head out for the evening.

Layered Necklace

This is a jewellery box staple, and every fashionista will swear by it. Layered necklaces add an interesting dimension to your neckline, making them the perfect choice for dressing up in an instant. From pearls to stone studded to even plain layered necklaces, you could go with a wide variety of styles to add to your collection. The best part, they look great with everything, be it a scoop neck or a turtleneck.

Threader Earring

Fashionable, convenient and easy to style in multiple ways, the threader has become a favourite in every girl’s closet. They’re great with your blazers and your minis, making them the smartest choice when it comes to dressing up with very little. Also, threader earrings can be looped into multiple piercings or worn as a long dangler, adding to the edgy vibe that they’re known to create.  

Stud Earrings

The classic studs can never go out of fashion. They’re just what you need when you’re in a hurry to get dressed. So, invest in a stunning piece, and you’ll never need anything else for an instant glam up. From pearls to stone encrusted to plain metal, you could choose one that suits your personal preference. Just make sure you have a statement pair of stud earrings handy for that evening out. 

Co-Ord Set

Want to quickly transition from daywear to evening? Always keep a co-ordinated jewellery set in your closet. Whether you go with the necklace and earring set or earrings and bracelets and rings combo, you should invest in at least one co-ord set to quickly add an edge to your ensemble.


Jewellery is an essential part of your outfit. Whether you’re heading out for a meeting or catching up with friends, the right piece of jewellery can enhance your personal style and elevate your look to a whole new level. While you can stock up on unique pieces of jewellery, these staples are a must-have if you want to make a statement without being over the top. So, get these basics right now and you’ll be ready to get dressed no matter where you’re heading. Happy Shopping!


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