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5 steps to Nail your Christmas Party Look in 2022

Table of Content Here are some Christmas outfit ideas we recommend to flatter every body type- Step 1- Find your vibe Step 2- Pick your festive colour Step 3- Add...

Table of Content

Here are some Christmas outfit ideas we recommend to flatter every body type-



Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t planned your Christmas looks, it’s time to start planning it already! Well, most Christmas outfits are usually created keeping a modelesque figure in mind, so what about the rest of the women? Precisely why we have curated a series of looks that are super inclusive and flatter every body type, so you can spend your Christmas in confidence and absolute joy!

 Here are some Christmas outfit ideas we recommend to flatter every body type-

Step 1- Find your vibe:

Take some time to ponder upon and research what vibe you are going for. Is it cute, sexy, minimal, or comfy? Based on the vibe you are going for and the theme of your Christmas party, choose a material like fleece, leather, sequins, velvet, satin, etc. Once your material is chosen, think about what dress style goes best with the mood of your Christmas party. For eg: A jumpsuit looks great for semi-formal wear, a pant-suit or gown looks apt for a fancy party, and a mini-dress works wonderfully for a casual party! And if it’s a comfy-at-home party, warm cozy pyjamas work the best!

Step 2- Pick your festive colour:

Once you have decided on your Christmas outfit style, let’s look at some Christmas colours! Deeper hues of green are a classic and flatter everyone, white is another choice if you want to go for an understated look. If you are looking for something glam, go for a shimmery gold, and shades of red are your best bet for a bold Christmassy look!

Step 3- Add some Christmas prints

Now this is optional, but who are we kidding? Nothing screams “Christmas” like fun festive prints do! If you are looking to add Christmas-sy prints, choose from a range of prints like Gingerbread cookie prints, Christmas tree prints, Santa & elf prints, Rudolph prints, and more! If you want to go the edgy way and ditch those conventional prints, go for it, 'cause girl, YOU DO YOU!

Step 4- Layer ‘em right:

As much as the focus of the look should be on what’s fashionable, no one can quite enjoy the festivities when you are shivering on the inside! The key to looking fashionable while staying warm is to layer upright. Depending on the weather around you, layer up first with thermals inside your clothes. As for outerwear, choose from an array of trench coats, leather jackets, warm blazers, hoodies, cardigans, and more, depending on your look. Lastly, if the weather demands it, don’t forget to add on scarves, warm socks, and gloves to keep you from getting the chill.

Step 5- Complete the final look:

To complete your look, here are 3 things you just cannot skip- 

  1. Footwear to match your party outfit: Be it a pair of stilettos, a pair of boots, or comfy uggs, finish your look with footwear that matches your Christmas outfit.
  2.  Accessories to accentuate your Christmas outfit: Choose from a pair of classic gold hoops, a fancy diamond necklace, or a simple bracelet to add some bling to your Christmas party outfit.
  3.  A spritz of your favourite fragrance: Warm fragrances like gourmand, spicy or musky fragrances work best for winters ideally. But at the end of the date, a fragrance note that pleases you the best is what we recommend!


Lastly, don’t forget to add a trendy bag to the look, after all, how will you carry the gifts you need to give and receive?


While these are some steps we recommend to choose your party outfit for Christmas, in the end, feel free to modify these suggestions as to what works best for you! Pro-tip: No matter which looks you are going for from Cute to classy to casual, ensure you feel comfortable in it. Because comfort adds confidence to an unmatchable look!



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