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Expert Jewellery Styling Tips to Match Your Outfit

Want to walk out of your home for any and every occasion? Read our blog for some amazing Jewellery Styling Tips that will suit your outfits. Try these on and...

5 Jewellery Styling Tips by Experts That You Can Try:


Sometimes accessories are all you need to look glamourous. Oftentimes we think the outfit will be enough, but haven’t you seen how some women look so fabulously well put-together even in a jean and tee by just adding the right kind of bling? From your bags to your shoes and jewellery, you have to pay attention to even the smallest details if you want to stay glam all the time.

But a lot of times we’re spoilt for choice that we’re always in a fix trying to find the right jewellery to complete the look we’re striving to create. Coordinating your outfit and jewellery just needs practice and some attention to the finer details. So, here’s our simple jewellery styling tips for selecting and matching your clothes to look stunning every time you step out.

4 Jewellery Styling Tips by Experts That You Can Try:

Know Your Style

Chunky glamourous or minimalist or classic elegance, what’s your vibe? What’s trending right now might not be what you would normally choose. Don’t wear something that you might not be comfortable in, and this rule is sacrosanct for your clothes as well as your jewellery. If simplicity is what drives you then go for stud earrings and a layered pearl necklace for your evening outs. However, if you prefer to create an unmissable focal point in your ensemble, then go with chunky necklaces and statement earrings (just don’t wear them together).

Scale Matters

The size of the jewellery you choose matters. A small pendant necklace will be lost in a vibrant patterned outfit. The same way a chunky piece can end up looking too gaudy. You need to find your balance and understand the tone you want to set. For some outfits a necklace might not be apt, then just stack some bracelets and choose a statement earring. Just remember that the size and length of your jewellery should always match the outfit.

Colour Coordinate

Blacks, gold, silver, white and grey are neutral colours that will match almost all outfits. While gold and silver are the perfect choice for most outfits, when it comes to colour its necessary to not go overboard. You can take some jewellery styling tips from the colour wheel to pick colours from the same colour family or even match with opposite tones in the wheel. However, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s not always necessary to colour coordinate your jewellery with your outfit. And don’t pick more than one colour to match if you don’t want to overwhelm. For instance, try out some bright colored earrings or necklaces.

Ever-changing Necklines

Necklines are an important aspect to consider when you’re choosing a necklace. For heart-shaped or V-necks a nice pendant necklace that ends just above the V will look nice. Band and turtlenecks don’t usually need a necklace, so you can choose chandelier earrings or a statement stud. If you still want to go for a necklace, then choose a chunky one with multiple charms or pendants. Chokers look great with off-shoulder and strapless gowns. While there are no hard and fast rules, you need to learn to balance and synchronise your jewellery to match your outfit and the occasion.


Coordinating your jewellery and attire takes time and practice, but with these jewellery styling tips, the task becomes easier, and knowing the basics will ensure that you don’t waste time choosing and wondering what to wear. Knowing what will go with busy prints and what to wear with your pastel, muted coloured outfits can make or break your whole ensemble. But when in doubt, err on the side of simplicity and you should be fine. For exquisite necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, choose from our eclectic collection, today. Happy Shopping!


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