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5 Pieces of Nature Inspired Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

Spring into action with gorgeous, nature inspired jewellery for the season, from a floral necklace to gold leaf earrings. Our blog covers all. Check it out to know more!

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5 Nature Inspired Jewellery Pieces For Womens:


Summers are synonymous with nature motifs. With outdoors being more inviting than ever before nature inspired jewellery and patterns usually takes centre stage in our sartorial choices. From the bees to the butterflies and flowers, there’s something quite alluring about the natural phenomena and interestingly they’re all over the runways this season.

This year nature inspired jewellery have become the latest fashion trend and not surprisingly there have been many takers, from celebrities to the royals. So, how can you not dive right into this? After all it’s not always that you can bring out your inner earth goddess! So, this year fish out (pun intended) those earth inspired pieces and don’t even think of going subtle! You want to dazzle, then just go out and flaunt your love for the world around you gal, you definitely won’t regret it!

 5 Nature Inspired Jewellery Pieces For Womens:


Who hasn’t worn flower inspired jewellery, which has literally been a trend for centuries? Flowers have always captured the imagination of people and artisans alike and that’s widely evident in the floral motifs that have been incorporated in our clothes and accessories. From earrings to bracelets and necklaces, flower motifs have been a recurring theme in our jewellery boxes and this year, they should be worn more often. From eye-catching flower studs to floral pendant necklace and earrings set, you could choose to go with anything to ace the flower girl look.


This year the leaves have become a favourite of the royals. Leaf earrings worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Letizia have captured headlines and the attention of fashionistas the world over. Simple, elegant, and stylish, leaf motifs look great on drop earrings and even as studs. If you’re one to go all matchy-matchy then complete the look with a nice leaf pendant necklace. From simple leaf patterns to artistic maple leaf motifs, you can choose a style, shape and texture that goes well with your overall look for a day out in the sun.

Bugs, Butterflies, and Dragonflies

From bees to colourful ladybird bugs, we’ve all worn something from the insect world at least once. While colourful bugs and beetles are great for your casual summer outfits like tees or cargoes, you can incorporate the animal inspired jewellery pieces even into your formal wear by choosing understated, chic designs.


When it comes to nature inspired jewellery how can we forget the creatures of the sky. While conventional motifs from the animal kingdom are what most people choose, birds are never really far behind. From parrot drop earrings to eagles to peacock pendants, there’s no dearth of options available. You could go with a nice bold bird pendant to create a visual impact, or even go the minimalist way by incorporating them as charms that can be part of your bracelet or necklace.

Water World

When you’ve covered the earth and the sky, how can the ocean be left out. Beach inspired jewellery is a summer staple. From oyster shell motifs to tortoises, sea-house to even fish, the water creatures found their place in our closets long ago. While fish studs are quite common, you can go with charm bracelets or pendant necklaces to add some fun beachy vibe to any outfit you wear. For formal occasions, a charm bracelet or necklace is still good and when matched with the right clothes they’re great to add a bohemian vibe to your ensemble.


From whole creatures to just parts like feathers and wings, nature inspired jewellery trends have steadily grown in popularity. And the best part, you can choose the style you want to follow, be it feminine delicate, boho chic, or eye-catching bold. Modern and stylish, nature jewellery is great to add a very eco-conscious vibe to your whole look. So, take your pick from our collection to flaunt your love for the world around you.


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