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Embrace the Magic of Versatility with Our Handcrafted Threader Earrings

Sometimes less is more. And it’s especially true of the latest sensation in fashion — the classy threader or pull-through earrings. The epitome of minimalist style, threader earrings are edgy,...

Sometimes less is more. And it’s especially true of the latest sensation in fashion — the classy threader or pull-through earrings. The epitome of minimalist style, threader earrings are edgy, chic, and so convenient that you can wear them all day long. Unlike the conventional latch back earrings, this season’s favourite, the threader earrings require no closure at all, making them easier to wear and style. An edgy blend of modern design aesthetics and minimalist elegance, threaders are the most versatile accessory you can invest in.


So, what are threader earrings? A contemporary earring that is worn by looping it through your piercings, threader or pull-through earrings don’t come with the usual closure to keep them in place. From wearing them in one of your piercings to inserting it through multiple ones to create a more edgy vibe, threaders can be styled differently to match your mood and your ensemble. Sleek, simple, and spunky, threaders are a top favourite this season, and a definite must-have in your jewellery box.


Check out these handcrafted unique threader earrings from our collection that we’re obsessing over, and you should too if you want to instantly amp up your style quotient.


Rubik Threader Earring

A classic minimalist pattern, the Rubik Threader Earring effortlessly fuses modern design with a conventional geometric form. Featuring a shimmering frame set at the end, adjoining a blue topaz stone, this chic pair is held together by a box chain. Wear this sterling silver pair with your white shirt, an azure skirt and an elegant kada bracelet to exude sophisticated elegance.


Giza Threader Earring

A hypnotic pyramid frame attached to a delicate cable chain, the Giza Threader Earring from our collection gives artistic dimension to a commonplace geometric shape. A creative fusion of art, design, and simplicity, the Giza threader earrings exemplifies eclectic class. Made of sterling silver, this lightweight pair can be worn in a single piercing or looped into multiple piercings to add some spunk to your summer casuals.


Conet Threader Earring

A mesmerising funnel encircling a delicate perpendicular pin, the Cone Threader Earring with its triangular edging, epitomises modern aesthetic elegance. Set in a delicate ball chain, this long threader earring will look great with your formal and casual wear. Wear it with a delicate silver necklace and our silver cuff bracelet to receive compliments wherever you go.

Harmony Threader Earring

Symbolising harmonious balance, the Harmony Threader Earring exemplifies stability through its blend of shapes. Featuring a monochromatic colour scheme with its blend of black and shimmery silver, the harmony threader earring with its rose zircon studded circle and half-circle connected by a square frame skilfully exemplifies balance and equilibrium in the elements of nature.  Wear this with anything to stylishly showcase your inner sense of stability.

Cuby Threader Earring

Explore the illusion of dimensions in our Cuby Threader Earring, featuring an embossed monochromatic square enclosed within a circle. An eclectic fusion of primary shapes, this minimalist threader with its striking charm merges shapes to form a cohesive whole. Wear this with our white schiffli dress and silver charm bracelet to add some chic sophistication to your Sunday brunch.


Quadra Threader Earring

A perfect example of abstract symbolism, the Quadra Threader Earring from our collection intertwines primary shapes to create a sense of eclectic symmetry. Set in a dainty ball chain, the quadra threader earring with its monochromatic tones accentuates the magic of abstract design. Wear this with your boardroom jacket and your denims minis alike to celebrate your love for uniqueness.


Simple, chic and the perfect symbol of contemporary sophistication, these threader earrings curated by our fashion experts embody the power of versatility. Convenient to flaunt all day long, our handcrafted threader earrings can be matched with other unique pieces from our collection to accentuate your personal style.



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