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5 Bracelets Every Girl Must Own

  When you want to look stylish you cannot skip wearing a bracelet. They draw attention to your wrist and can be styled in different ways to match your outfit...


When you want to look stylish you cannot skip wearing a bracelet. They draw attention to your wrist and can be styled in different ways to match your outfit and your mood. From formal to the fun, bohemian, bracelets come in different designs, and they can be worn in interesting ways to express your sense of style and add a touch of class and glamour to any outfit.

And when it comes to bracelets there are so many options to choose from. But like any piece of jewellery there are a few staples, and you should have these bracelets in your jewellery box. 


When it comes to looking elegant nothing can match the charm of pearls. A string of pearls exude sophistication and is the epitome of minimalist fashion. Pearl bracelets are no different and are super classy and versatile. You could wear them to work or match it with earrings and a necklace to elevate your evening gown to a whole new level of class. From a single strand to a pearl bangle bracelet, you can even experiment with different styles to look elegant or modern and chic. 


With summers starting, boho dressing will be back in full swing. From beads to crochet knits to summery tiered skirts, the light, carefree styles will be big this summer. So, when it comes to dressing up your wrist, you could go stacking or the beaded charm way, to make a boho inspired statement. Boho bracelets are high on style and will be great to add a splash of colour to your outfits. When in doubt, go for beaded layered bracelets to glam up your wrists. 


Every girl should have at least one elegant bracelet in her closet. Easy to style, delicate bracelets can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces of jewellery to create a more cohesive look. Since single strands are easy to style, delicate bracelets can be worn with your watch, or you could go with some eye-catching rings to add some oomph.  

Sparkly Stones

Shimmering stone bracelets are quite striking and are the perfect choice when you want to match your accessories with the colour of your outfit. They make good statement pieces and are great to add a new dimension to your ensemble. From chunky to minimalistic kada bracelets, you could take your pick to suit the occasion. Also, natural stones are considered good for their healing and positive energies, so you select one that will be beneficial to you. 


While turquoise is fundamentally a gemstone, they need a special mention just for their capacity to become a focal point when it’s a part of any accessory. The bright blue stone can be worn in a complete set with a necklace and matching earrings and bracelet or as a single piece to create a stunning look. Turquoise bracelets can be matched with any outfit and are quite the attention-grabbing accessory. From a single stone studded kada to a chunky turquoise bracelet, you could take your pick to add a bright pop of blue to your outfit.     

Bracelets are versatile and are great to dress up your wrist. From stacking to wearing a single kada cuff bracelet, you could go with anything to match your outfit and the other accessories that you plan to wear. Whether it’s elegant strands or boho beads, bracelets come in a variety of styles and are an essential accessory that you should invest in to add some vivacity and charm to your overall look.   


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