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5 Summer 2023 Handbag Trends That’ll Make You Swoon

Get ready to fall in love with these five handbag trends for summer 2023, including oversized totes, mini backpacks, and more. Try these handbags and elevate any outfit!

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5 Women's Handbag Trends You Should Own:

Handbags are always a fashion must-have. With accessories taking centre stage across runways, you know it’s time to get some insta-worthy handbags to flaunt. Whether you want to carry your phone, your make-up or even your laptop, your handbag can meet form and function to give your ensemble a chic edge. 

So, this summer, make sure you go with the minis, the large totes, or the sequinned slings to add some glamourous glitz to your outfit. Perfect to carry your warm weather essentials, these summer handbag trends are fabulously stylish in the boardroom and the nightclub alike. Just grab some ladies, you know you’ll need them more than ever this season.

5 Women's Handbag Trends You Should Own:


The neon is in and so are rainbow coloured accessories. Whether it’s your jewellery or your bag, bright, vibrant colours are fashionistas’ staple style this season. From ravishing reds to the ultra-violets, you could go with the boldest of colours with different types of your handbags like crochet bag, crossbody bag, or a sling bag to get your ensemble and mood soaring high. Bright is in, so go colourful and bold to your heart’s content.


All that glitters is what you need right now. So, bling it on for some extra attention. Go with sparkly, embellished slings or shimmery totes to make any outfit special. From beaded, to stone encrusted to sequinned, you can go with a wide variety of styles to add some sparkle wherever you go.

Beaded Minis

The handcrafted minis are here to stay. They’re small and easy to carry around, and functional to fit in your main essentials. While minis have been a top favourite since last year, the bohemian beaded mini bags styles continue to be a must-have and they’re expected to last a few more seasons.

Mini Backpacks

The 90s favourite mini backpacks have made a comeback and they’re definitely here to stay. High on function, the mini backpacks are convenient to take to work or a beach holiday to load up your essentials. From sporty neon to stylish suede backpacks, you could go with any style to look chic and classy.  

XL Totes

Spacious, stylish and a girl’s best friend, the big shopper bags can never go out of style. They’re great for any occasion and perfect to carry everything you’ll ever need. Totes can accommodate anything, some even your laptops, just pick one that will stand out. You could go with a bright one to go with your pastel dresses or get a luxe tote to exude some understated elegance.


If you’re hoping to level up your fashion quotient, you cannot ignore this year’s handbag trends. They’re perfect, all-weather accessories that will make a great addition to your closet. The best part, these styles are available is a variety of colours, textures, and shapes. Now all you have to do is just shop!


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