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5 Women's Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have in 2023

Every woman needs these 5 women's wardrobe essentials. This is your complete guide to must-have apparel staples for putting together a fashionable wardrobe in 2023.

5 Women's Wardrobe Essentials to Have in 2023:

When it’s comes to fashion nothing seems permanent. Trends change every year, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to clean out your closet every season.  Elevated comfort and athleisure have been a top favourite, thanks to the WFH way of life we’ve become accustomed to. While oversized and chic will continue to rule the runways for some more time, there are some wardrobe essentials that you cannot do without. This year is all about making a statement, and why not, we’re moving back the old days so why not flaunt our sentiments loud and clear?!

While picking the newest in fashion might not be your cherished pastime, we know that there are some women’s wardrobe essentials that simply must own. So, here’s our top five favourites for some all-year chicness that you have to lay your hands on right now.

5 Women's Wardrobe Essentials to Have in 2023:


Stripes are a perennial favourite. They’re casual and chic and just about perfect for sauntering in the sun.  This year try new widths and direction to enhance your structure and silhouette, or experiment with colours or even mix it up with patterns on your stripes. While the relaxed cut might be in for some more time, as the year moves further you can see a lot more shape taking centre stage. So, make sure your closet has a nice, fitted striped dress, a striped skirt or a palazzo that can be paired with a nice crop top.

Sassy Tees

Sassy, cheeky tees are nothing new. They’ve been around for way too long that not having one in your closet is really worth wondering about! The best part, now the options are numerous and they’re great conversation starters or they do just about the opposite when you know you’re lost for words. Sassy tees are great to get people to STFU or to just flaunt your state of mind. So, get you meme-worthy tshirt that mirrors your mood for the day and tell the world that you just DGAF!

Statement Ring

Eye-catching, bright or bold, choose what you want but never think twice to invest in a good statement ring. You are expected to have at least one if a collection seems too much. Statement rings are a great way to dress up your fingers and they’re pretty much a wardrobe necessity nowadays, and if you’re one of those compulsive hand-talkers you better make sure you have one that will elevate your fingers to a whole new level of glam.  

Mini Bag

Cute and sometimes may seem impractical but the mini, micro or petite bag trend is not going away any time soon. While many of them are good-sized to carry your wallet and phones some might barely fit in your keys. But they’re great eye-catchers and can ensure that the focus remains on your clothes if that’s what you want to achieve. Mini bags  come in a wide range of materials, embellishments and intricate designs that need to be a part of your closet if you’re aiming to up your style game with very less.  

Tassel Earrings

The best of the boho-chic trend the tassel earrings have survived numerous seasons and don’t seem to be going anywhere. They’re effortlessly chic and perfect to give a fun, cheery spin to even the most boring of outfits. From beaded tassels to threads to even metal strings, tassel earrings come in a wide variety of designs. Even if you’re not big on tassels, make sure you have one that can be matched with almost anything in your wardrobe. After all, every girl needs to flaunt her happy-go-lucky Bohemian side once in a while.


While new seasons call for a shift in sartorial choices, it’s not always necessary to dig into the latest in fashion. There are some women's wardrobe essentials that even the best of fashionistas swears by, and this list covers just about the basics that you need to stay ever stylish. So, get shopping now if you don’t already own these staples. And even if you do, it’s always nice to pamper yourself with a few more pieces to add some variety to your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!


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