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Stress-relieving Herbal Teas to Relax and Unwind

Relieve the Stress!! Know about herbal teas that help withstress relief, enjoy your Me-time by unwinding after a long day.Read more to know the names and other details!

For many of us tea is a morning ritual and for some it’s a part of a rejuvenating process. If you’ve spent your ‘Metime' sipping on a hot cuppa, you would know what we mean. Interestingly, despite busy schedules teatime continues to be family time in many homes even today. There’s something quite soothing and refreshing about a nice hot cup of tea.


A hug in a cup, tea holds a special place for most of us and it should, because it’s quite healthy and sometimes even therapeutic. And understandably it’s a much-loved beverage. A cup of steaming hot milk tea makes for great company too when you’re spending some quality time with yourself. However, a herbal brew comes packed with amazing goodness that you should make the switch the next time you’re indulging in some ‘me time’. But, if you are wondering which one to try, just pick any of these stress alleviating teas from our list. These herbal teas that help relieve stress are healthy and will help you relax as you enjoy your alone time.

List of Stress Relieving Herbal Teas 

Chamomile Tea

When you search online for a stress relieving tea, Chamomile tops almost every list. A sweet and tasty beverage, Chamomile tea helps to reduce stress and is brewed with dried as well as fresh flowers. Known for its calming effects, it is believed to reduce anxiety, insomnia and help relieve stomach ailments. So, if you take your daily breather just before bed, then for a good night’s sleep you know what you should be drinking.

Green Tea

Thanks to advertising we’re all familiar with the weight loss benefits of green tea. Packed with antioxidants, green tea is also believed to boost overall health and regulate blood pressure. But what makes this tea special is the amino acid L-theanine found in it, which is considered a remedy for calming the mind and energizing the central nervous system

Rose Tea

A popular fragrance used in aromatherapy, some studies state that rose helps with relaxation and it is believed to help reduce feelings of anxiety. Made by steeping the petals, Rose tea makes for a flavourful cup and has a taste that’s uniquely floral in character. Rose is also rich in antioxidants like vitamins C, A, and E and some varieties are believed to have hypnotic and analgesic effects.

Peppermint Tea

When it comes to refreshing, how can we ignore the sweetness of peppermint tea? An instant mood enhancer, peppermint tea will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, thanks to its aromatic quality. So, after a long day of finishing up chores you know what to drink to calm your nerves, increase relaxation and improve your mood.

Lavender Tea

This is a powerhouse with potent calming properties. While its’ a very popular aromatherapy oil, lavender teas also share the same benefits. From calming, to promoting deep sleep, lavender is believed to have mood-stabilising properties and is a great brew for helping you sleep.


From decreasing stress hormones to calming frayed nerves, these brews are instant mood boosters that you will need to help you relax and rejuvenate. So, the next time you take a break, make sure you sip on one of these stress relieving herbal teas to get you feeling upbeat and happy and maybe even overcome everyday stress.


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