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6 Solo Date Ideas That Are Fun And Fulfilling

It is crucial that you all learn how to date yourself, ladies. For some great "me time," our blog offers the top 6 solo date ideas for the ladies. Read...

Read on to see what to do on a solo date for a really fun time.


Solo dates are fun. They help you get some much-needed alone time and doing the things that you like is greatly satisfying. When you’re happy with yourself, it can help you make positive changes in your life and live the way you’ve always wanted to. And what better way to kickstart your self-love journey than by going on a solo date? 

From travelling to just exercising, you could choose any of these solo date ideas to have a fun-fulfilling day out. Just make sure that whatever it is that you choose to do, it is fun, interesting, relaxing, and outside your comfort zone. If you want to do something that’ll give you an adrenaline rush, that’s perfect too. Just choose your location and indulge.

Read on to see what to do on a solo date for a really fun time.

Coffee and Book

No, you’re not going to sit around at home with your favourite cup but actually head out to a nice bookstore and have coffee later. If there’s a coffee shop attached to the store, that’ll work out even better. Just remember to go out and lose yourself in the book’s pages and not have a care in the world at least for a few hours.




Take a Cooking Class

This might seem like a normal, routine thing to do, but cooking a fancy meal for yourself is hugely satisfying and something that you should indulge in more often. If you cannot head out for a cooking class, do an online masterclass. Some of the world’s most famous chefs are now sharing their expertise online. Sign up for one and make sure you take an active part in the sessions. Just imagine what it would be like to take a virtual cooking class with a Michelin-star chef and try out those recipes at home for you to eat.



City Tour

City walks are fun. You can immerse yourself in the architectural wonders of your city and explore new parts of the town you would never have ventured to. Sign up for a guided tour and lose yourself in the history of the place. Going to designated start point and walking around with a group and understanding the past is a great choice for a solo date.


Go on an Artsy Date

This is not only fulfilling, but it also nurtures your creative consciousness. An art date can be anything, from painting, to learning to play an instrument to tailoring. Sign up for a class if you think you might not be able to stick to the routine. Just heading out to the store and picking up art supplies of your choice and indulging your creativity once a week is something you should make time for.


Game Night

No, you’re not going to sit and watch football unless you want to, but you’re going to buy yourself a board game and play solo. Whether it’s snakes and ladders or sudoku or putting up the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you could pick a game of your choice and make sure you indulge your competitive winning streak. Do keep some goodies to munch on to really make it a fun date.


‘My Favourite Things’ Date

Love the park or museum, head out? Want to binge eat ice cream or pizza just do it. Whatever it is that you really crave and never indulge, make that your plan for a solo date. You can decide to stay home or head out. But do something that you’ve always wanted and never really had the time or inclination to do.


There are a lot of amazing solo date ideas, from going for a swim to taking a solo self-discovery journey, to going out alone for wine and cheese, you could do anything that takes your fancy. Start small, if you think you will not be able to make it a routine habit and slowly move to elaborate solo dates and transform your mindset towards yourself. You will live your most happy life doing things for yourself, and remember if you don’t do it for yourself, who else would? So where are you taking yourself on a solo date this weekend?


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