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4 Quick ‘Me-Time’ Activities to Beat the Blues

When life feels like an uphill battle, there are times when you just want to sit back and relax. Here are 4 quick ‘Me-Time’ activities to relax and beat the...

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4 Quick me Time Ideas to Help You Beat the Blues:


We’re practically stressed all the time. We either have something to do or someplace to go that twenty-four hour seems too short a time to get things done. But, in reality, that’s not really true; we know that we’re stretching ourselves and it’s our inefficient time-management skills that’s causing the trouble. Well, that’s a discussion for another day. Right now, when you’re stressed and feeling gutted, you don’t really need advice but just some quick fixes to cheer you up.

So, here’s our 4 fool-proof me time ideas to get you feeling upbeat in no time at all. Our quick tips should become a part of your daily routine and you’ll see how much they can alter the way you deal with stressors and how quickly you bounce back, no matter what life throws in your direction.

4 Quick me Time Ideas to Help You Beat the Blues:

The 5-Minute Stretch

While this can be done at any time of the day for a quick rush of relaxation, for the maximum benefit the 5-minute stretch is what you should do when you start your day. How we wake up can have a lot of bearing on the rest of our day. If you wake up feeling stressed and anxious, your day will be no different. Start your day feeling peaceful and at ease and you’ll see that feeling flow through you throughout the rest of the day. So, as soon as you’re out of bed, stand up straight and stretch your body to go as tall as possible. And while you’re at it don’t forget to breathe deeply. Then slowly but with ease bend down and touch the ground. Do this slowly, without jerking and breathing deeply feeling every part of your being. Mindful stretching and breathing will slowly help release all the pent of feelings of anxiety. You can practice this anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed and see the stressors leave your body.

Make a Worry List

Worrying makes us more anxious than we care to admit. Next time there’s something nagging you just write it down and make it a point to worry about it only at a designated time in the morning and evening and not throughout the day. When you allocate a short span of time to worry, every time you revisit the list, you’ll realise it doesn’t warrant your anxiety. And when you postpone the worry, it will slowly become insignificant, and you’ll be able to find a solution in the quiet time you spend going through your list.

Enjoy a Healthy Meal

Yes, it’s so much easier to order a pizza and binge eat. But every day make yourself a tasty, yet nutritious meal and enjoy some quiet time savouring it. It could be salads or a full-fledged power lunch with fruits, greens, and some juice or yogurt. Whatever you know is healthy for you will make you feel good about yourself and making the time to take care of yourself will help restore your faith in your capabilities and your needs. Spend half an hour enjoying a quiet meal and make sure there are no distractions or interruptions. It should just be you, your health, and your needs, nothing else. 

Have a Good Laugh

Do something silly, crack some jokes, and laugh with people at work. Home alone? Watch or read something funny and laugh to your heart’s content. Laugh loudly and heartily and you’ll start to feel happy with the world once again. Everyday spend some time laughing out loud, it will not only improve your mood but also those around you. Happiness is infectious, so let your happiness usher in some joyful times.

When we spend some time doing something for ourselves, our health and our mood will improve. Anxiety is the easy way out, but when you choose to overcome that feeling and do something that matters to you, you will find the courage and the solution to how to beat the blues and live a more relaxed, content life.


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