Yasmine Satin Moroccan Evening Look

Step into the essence of Moroccan allure with the Yasmine Satin Moroccan Evening Look, designed for a majestic entrance. Each piece complements the others ensuring a seamless and striking visual harmony.

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Yasmine - Satin Evening Dress

This dress is the heart of the look with its flowing satin fabric, embodying a sense of Moroccan luxury. The flared sleeves and hem add an air of enchantment, while the blue embroidery echoes traditional Moroccan artistry, making it the perfect fusion of timeless modern elegance. Know More


Crochet Tote Bag

Chosen for its craftsmanship, the tote bag's sequins mirror the dress's embroidered detail, offering a casual yet chic counterbalance to the dress's formality. Its blue and beige tones blend effortlessly with the dress, reinforcing the Moroccan vibe with a contemporary twist.. Know More


Dragonfly Pendant Silver Necklace

The necklace introduces a delicate and modern touch. Its silver finish and dragonfly motif provide a focal point at the neckline, complementing the V-neck of the dress and adding a layer of sophistication. Know More