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Turn A Casual Outfit into Something More

  All of us go through the morning dilemma trying to decide what to wear. And it’s really difficult to make up minds when we don’t seem to have enough...


All of us go through the morning dilemma trying to decide what to wear. And it’s really difficult to make up minds when we don’t seem to have enough clothes to choose from. Yes, even a closet full of clothes is never enough when you seem to have worn it all, so many times, over and over again! Anyway, it’s never really the clothes that’s the problem, it’s the way we style them. Getting all party ready is easy. But how do you make your casuals seem more than just that? How do you give your Monday-to-Friday jeans and tees routine a fun, ritzy spin? Read on to find out how we make the most casual, sometimes even drab outfits into a something classy chic, instantly.

Glam Up with Dangles

Nothing makes an outfit more glam than a pair of flashy dangler earrings. Just make sure they’re attention-grabbing huge. Not sure you can carry off huge danglers? Pick one that will frame your face well. You could also wear earrings in bright hues to add a pop of colour. Cannot make up your mind? Tie-up your hair in a bun or high ponytail and wear stylish hoops. Trust us, big hoop earrings are just what you need to look instantly confident and glamorous. 


Throw in a Jacket

Layering is fantastic to amp up your diva vibes. Just picture yourself in your jeans or skirts or a summer dress and add a nice jacket to the mix and you know what we mean. And the best part, jackets are fun, swanky, and offer the perfect way to add something new even when you’re repeating outfits. 


Bag It

A great handbag can add oodles of glam to any outfit. From leather to macrame the options are numerous. Just pick one that suits your style and you’re good to head out. Want to add some vibrancy to any outfit? Colour-blocked slings and totes will do just that. Now with macrame and crochet bags being in vogue, you could pick one that’s bright and unique to instantly give your causals a fun, vibrant vibe. 


Go Stacking

Not a dangle earring person? Love to add layers of bling? Just add a nice eye-catching neckpiece or stack on some bracelets. If all this is not enough, stack some rings to show off your newly manicured fingers. Rings are all the rage now. So, match some large-stone studded cocktail rings with your outfit for the ultimate bold glam.

If you want to make a glamourous statement in your casuals, picking the right accessories can change the whole ensemble. From high-heeled pumps to sneakers to bright slings to belts, scarfs and jewellery, the options are many to create a brand-new look. Just pick something that suits your personal style mantra and don’t forget to have fun experimenting.


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