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The balancing act: How to look stylish while staying comfortable

With work-from-home and hybrid offices becoming a part of our lifestyle, comfort and versatility has officially become the norm when it comes to clothing. Well, we’re all constantly wondering whether...

With work-from-home and hybrid offices becoming a part of our lifestyle, comfort and versatility has officially become the norm when it comes to clothing. Well, we’re all constantly wondering whether to dress cute or comfy, and it’s certainly a dilemma that refuses to go away. But the good thing is that we’re warming up to the idea of smart clothing choices that’s not just stylish and chic but also high on comfort. 

Yes, most of us are the typical leggings-and-a-tee kind of girls, who would much rather ditch the heels and go to the club in athleisure (which is absolutely possible if you just switch to velvet or shimmery ‘joggers’). But joggers or not, the need for comfort shouldn’t make you roll out of bed in shorts and pick up your laptop. You just can’t get that comfortable, but we believe you get the drift. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to put together classy outfits that’s also comfy. Here are three wardrobe staples that we believe could be effortlessly combined with other pieces to elevate the comfy and chic aesthetic. 

The Classic T-Shirt Dress

The epitome of comfy dressing, the t-shirt dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could invest in. The never-ending styling hacks you’ll find on Insta is proof of fact of how a simple tee dress can be turned into a ‘day to night’ attire with just the right accessories. Add a broad belt, a layered necklace, or go for statement hoops or chandeliers and you’re all set. This is also the easiest clothing to add layers to. Get a denim jacket for a day out in the sun or mall or throw a silky stole around your neck, go big with the wrist cuff and carry a shimmery bag for a night out with your pals

Hayley - Blue Striped Dress - IshqMe

The Light Linen Wide-Leg Trousers

Comfy, adaptable and a great option for long hours at the desk, the breathable linen trousers are a wardrobe staple that can make you look runway ready in minutes. The easy, breezy silhouette of the straight trousers can be dressed up with just a contrasting floral shirt, stiletto heels and a nice sling bag. Heading to the grocery store? Just pick up your oversized tote, tuck in your tee or wear a crop top and match it with ballerina flats for a chic finish.

Colour Blocked Linen Co-ords

The Printed Dress

Feminine, fun and stylish, every girl’s go-to wardrobe staple is also the most comfortable. They’re so easy to style that it can’t hurt to stock up on a few.  Floral dresses are good for casual Fridays and to head out in the evening and they’re also great to look your stylish best when you’re running errands. Better still, if they’re short, just pair it with leggings and it’ll double up as a tunic.

Black Rose - Floral Printed Two Piece Party Dress

Want to know the right formula to nail the casual, chic aesthetic? Here’s our quick tips:

Fit matters: Even if it’s comfy it must fit well. If it doesn’t fit well or accentuate your best features, then it will not look chic on you.

Quality: A tshirt that’s not of great quality can never be paired with your tailored linen trousers. Finding a great tee is half the battle won. So, make sure you pick one that’s well-made and will flatter your body type and not because it’s on sale at half-price.

Fabric: Stiff, and difficult to maintain? Just pass.  Comfortable clothing shouldn’t give you a rash or be a humongous chore to maintain. Keep in mind that easy, light fabrics offer a great variety of options to style.

Accessorise: There’s nothing better than hoops to turn a pair of simple tees into something more. Earrings, bracelets and statement neckpieces are not just for special occasions. They’re excellent for adding an edge to even the most basic of your comfy apparel

And don’t forget to balance your comfy pieces with classy clothes. When it comes to looking stylish in anything, remember the golden rule of casual dressing — one casual piece combined with one dressy piece plus some statement accessories — and you’re ready to slay in comfortable clothes!


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