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Maximalist Style: Liven Up with these Closet Staples from Ishqme

While this year started with the focus on comfort dressing, things are slowly moving towards bolder fashion choices with the trendy shapes and silhouette getting back into the fashion runways....

While this year started with the focus on comfort dressing, things are slowly moving towards bolder fashion choices with the trendy shapes and silhouette getting back into the fashion runways. Maximalist fashion is soon becoming the norm, what with people looking for loud ways to make a statement, self-express and spread more optimism and joy through what they wear. Loud prints and bright colours are back, and you should have maximalism on your radar too. After all, when you have it flaunt it and make sure to go bold and wild and don’t think twice to let the world know you’re planning to live it up!


So, here’s some of the bright, bold pieces from our collection that you should be looking at if you want to show off your love for life!


Handmade Crochet Bag

The most versatile of accessories, our handmade crochet bag is just what you need to make a stunning statement not just during the bright sunny seasons but all year through. A staple for your spring and summer wardrobe, this colour-blocked crochet bag exudes a beachy- happy vibe that you just cannot miss to make a flashing, bold statement everywhere you go. Match this with your flowy skirts or your cold-shouldered tees and shorts to make a dazzling entry wherever you go. 


Turquoise Studded Silver Ring

Nothing can capture attention better than a turquoise silver ring. Bright and statement-worthy, this sterling silver ring in our collection is what every fashionista should own. Perfect for every occasion, our gold-plated pure silver ring is just perfect for dressing up your finger. Great as a standalone piece, this ring can also be stacked with other stone-studded rings to add some character to your fingers. If you’re not much into experimenting, then stack this with simple bands so that you don’t take the focus away from the stunning turquoise stone.


Red Statement Earrings

When you want to make it loud what better way to do it than with a pair of stunning red hoop earrings? The perfect solution to look dressy without doing much, our statement red earrings shouts personality like nothing else. Pair it with your evening gowns or even your faded tees and jeans to instantly add some pizazz to your outfit. Want to get everyone talking? Just tie up your hair in a messy bun, wear bold shoes, or choose a dress or top with a bold print and you’re guaranteed to get all the attention.


Pink Layered Bead Bracelet

Give your wrist some candyfloss glow with our stacked pink layered bead bracelet that’s sure to keep you feeling cheery all day through. Great for flaunting your bohemian vibes, this pink beaded bracelet is light and breezy for a day out in the sun or to walk through mall aisles. For a very beachy vibe pair it with a straw hat or head scarf, gladiator flats and tiered dresses or maxi skirts and you’re ready to give your outfit a very bright, happy feminine finish.


Luna - White Embroidered Cotton Dress

When in doubt flaunt some embroidery! get your hands on this limited-edition embroidered cotton dress if you want to up your sustainable fashion game. An eye-catching chic outfit that can be styled differently to match the occasion and the time of the day, this white embroidered cotton dress from our collection is just what you need to make a bold, divaesque statement.


Bold maximalism is in so take your pick from our collection and give it your own spin to reflect your mood for the day. While these are great to start with, you could mix and match them to create your own style personality that reflects your fashion sensibilities. But whatever it is that you choose to do, just make sure it is resonates with the season’s loud expression of joy, positivity, and happy beginnings.



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