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Frills, muslin, and lace — How fashion in the Jane Austen’s era is still relevant today.

The fact that Jane Austen’s books are classics that everyone must read at least once in their lifetime is irrefutable. But while she takes us on an intimate journey interwoven...

The fact that Jane Austen’s books are classics that everyone must read at least once in their lifetime is irrefutable. But while she takes us on an intimate journey interwoven with the complexities of the heart and hearth, we cannot overlook the interesting glimpses we get of the fashion of an era that was just transitioning into the modern age. Clothing in the Regency period, as it was known, was gradually moving out of small, closed spheres and expanding into the wider realms of society. 

From the high-waisted empire silhouette to the dainty embroidered neckline, quite a few of our modern trends mirror the fashion of that era. And Jane Austen’s books captured the essence of the clothing styles that were followed during that period. But interestingly what stands out is the fact that the Regency Age created the foundation for comfortable, functional silhouettes that were not over-the-top or kitschy. So, if you’re a fan of the simple and understated, you’ll love these styles that were so unique to the Austen era but have been effortlessly adapted to be part of today’s wardrobe

Loose lighter fabrics

With organza and muslin being the most favoured, Jane Austen’s women dressed in ‘progressive’ garments that was conducive to physical activity. Who can forget the endless walks Austen’s women took in their quest for independence and self-expression? The Regency era also brought about a change in women’s clothing choices by supporting and upholding physical freedom, which was lacking in the previous periods, where corsets reigned supreme. Semi-opaque sleeves and layered dresses that were dressy, yet light is still a fashion staple hundreds of years later.

Pearl Danglers and Statement Lockets

How can we forget the dainty pearl danglers of Austen’s heroines? Accessories like the silk scarfs and hats where an integral part of the fashion of the era; what with the numerous balls they were expected to attend?! But, with the sweetheart necklines and the perfectly coiffured hair it was hard to miss the statement lockets that adorned their necklines or the ultra-feminine, pearl danglers that are still considered timeless must-haves.

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The Puff Sleeves

The short puff-sleeved dresses that were popular in Austen’s age are just what every girl needs even today. They continue to be a wardrobe staple as they add just the right amount of dressiness to elevate even the simplest of outfits

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Dainty Floral Prints

It’s not just the muted dresses that were popular. With the industrial revolution just around the corner, the use of floral patterns became quite commonplace. Subtle flower designs on predominantly pastel fabrics were a top trend that luckily for us is still in vogue.

Jane Austen’s books were high on romance and her heroines’ fashion choices reflected that sentiment. Be it the feminine empire dresses, the bows and frills and intricate, light embroidery on the sleeves and neckline, her characters have infused so much femininity into everyday clothing that we cannot help but thank her. But the main reason they continue to influence today’s trends are their adaptability and the emphasis on comfort while staying fashionable.

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