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A Guide to Pick The Right Necklace According to Your Neckline

Tips to help you choose the right necklace for your neckline: Scoop Neck Crew or Round Neck Boat Neck V-Neck Off-Shoulder and Strapless Bottom-Line Your necklace can make or break...

Tips to help you choose the right necklace for your neckline:


Your necklace can make or break an outfit. They add a certain sense of style to what you wear, give it character, and can even transform your whole look. Be it for your 9 to 5 formals or if you’re looking to take your evening glam up a notch, the necklace you pick for the day can change your whole persona with very little effort. But choosing the right necklace-type needs a little practice and a basic understanding of necklines.
So, here are some fundamentals that you need to keep in mind to make sure you match the right necklace with the appropriate neckline to enhance your ensemble:

Tips to help you choose the right necklace for your neckline:

Scoop Neck

Wide and deep, scoop necks are widely preferred. Since they offer a lot of space on the neckline, scoop necks are easy to dress up. While most necklaces go well with scoop necks, it’s better to choose one that has many layers and volume or multiple strands. This will help you cover a lot of areas and ensure that your neck doesn’t end up looking bare. Pick a chunky necklace with layers to enhance the beauty of a scoop neck, but make sure the necklace ends just above the neckline and not below.

Layered Stone Studded Tassel Necklace

Crew or Round Neck

Crew or round neck tops and dresses go well with just about any necklace. Since they sit high at the base of your neck you can go with chokers, chunky statement necklaces, or even long necklaces for that matter. With round necks, you don’t have to worry if your necklace sits on top of the neckline. Just go with something that will grab attention. A layered necklace would look very good with your round-neck tops. 

Gold Finish Necklace with stones and charms

Boat Neck

Wide open across the collarbone, boat necks are exceedingly feminine and call for an elegant necklace. While statement necklaces are good for most necklines, when it comes to boat neck tops and dresses go with something elegant and sophisticated and something feminine. Choose chokers or a really long necklace if you want to dress up your boat neck outfit. It should either be close to the base of the neck or fall really long past the neckline. Never go for medium-length necklaces that fall just below or on top of your boat neck top.


Another ultra-feminine neckline, the V-neck is quite a head-turner. Since the V will be the focal point with this neckline, get something in medium length to accentuate the neckline. A choker will be too short, and a long pendant might disappear under your top. Pick a medium length necklace with this neckline and make sure it ends a little above the V. This will add to the charm of the neckline. 

Hammered Silver Peridot studded Pendant Necklace

Off-Shoulder and Strapless

For a bold neckline like the strapless or off-shoulder nothing looks better than a statement choker. They help enhance the outfit and don’t take away the attention from the bare neckline, which is the primary focus. 


You can make any outfit stand out with just the right necklace. Although the fundamentals are important, play around with different necklaces to choose the one that reflects your own personal style. Just bear in mind that the necklace complements your outfit and makes you look effortlessly chic and well put-together.


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