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6 Must-Have Styles for 2022

  There are some wardrobe staples and there are some styles that we pick when we’re in the binge shopping mode. And while some of them are great all year...


There are some wardrobe staples and there are some styles that we pick when we’re in the binge shopping mode. And while some of them are great all year through, some trends never even last a month. Well, not all of us can afford to buy new clothes every day. So, making smart wardrobe choices is your best bet if you want to stay stylish and sophisticated all through the year. 


Here’s our list of the big styles this season and the best part, they’re going to be easy to carry off throughout 2022. So, without much ado lets dive right in.

Crop Your Way In

The one staple style for the season is the crop top. They’re chic, edgy, and trendy-feminine, but the key lies in knowing how to style them. But surprisingly enough, crop tops are the easiest to style and can be adapted to suit any occasion. From your palazzos to your culottes, to that figure hugging pencil skirt (if you can carry it off), you can wear a crop tip with just about anything. 

Denim Jacket

This has now become a no-brainer. Year after year we see trends changing but the denim jacket has managed to stay on top of the style diaries and by now every fashionista owns a denim jacket. They’re cool, causal, and also give you a chic option if you’re big into layering. From your dresses to tees, layering up with a trendy denim jacket can never lose its charm.

The Chic Shift

The shift dress is definitely a girl’s best friend. This year go dressy and layer it up. Don’t stick to the tried and tested. Experiment with sleeves, necks and go bold when you feel like it. While maxi dresses are great, a nice short shift dress should be in your wardrobe no matter what the season. Pick patterned embellished ones with intricate embroidery, or experiment with colours, or to be on the safe side, pick a solid coloured shift dress that can be styled up or down depending on the occasion.

Dressy Tee

From celebrity airport looks to casual brunches, you’ve seen the casual dressy, embellished tees across tabloids and insta. This year is no different for the dressy tee. They’re versatile and can be matched with anything and styled differently to suit the occasion. From folding up the sleeves to tying a knot to make it a crop top, the dressy tee offers many options. Make sure you invest in a good stylish embellished tee

Boho Mania

The bohemian vibe of last year is not going away anytime soon. From the hippie-chic jewellery, be it hoops or chunky necklaces to beaded bracelets, boho is a style staple that you should invest in. Just make sure you buy unique pieces and create your own fun, edgy style to get people talking.

Feminine Whites

They’re ethereal and make your look summer ready any time of the year; the pristine white outfits are so classy that you can never have enough of them. From summery white dresses to palazzos and long flowy skirts, you can take your pick to add a very delicate, breezy vibe to your casual day outs. Th best part, whites also look good for the evening, just pick the right mix of classy, elegant accessories and you’ll be the epitome of grace and sophistication.

There’s so much to look forward to this year. And why not be dressed up to cherish and make all those unforgettable moments? This year is all about comfort and you can always make a stylish statement with these trends that are versatile and are great to enhance your overall look. 


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