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5 Modern Jewellery Designs You Must Own

If you are a fashionista who is looking for a trendy accessory or simply a fan of jewellery, you will love these modern jewellery designs by Ishqme. Read the entire...

5 Modern Jewellery Designs for Women:


Jewellery trends keeps changing all the time. With new designs hitting the market, the options seem to be endless. What with accessories becoming an integral part of the ensemble, the need to match outfits with the right jewellery has become the norm. While some of the old favourites like hoops and pearls continue to rule the roost, there’s increasing interest in experimenting with modern jewellery designs that celebrate the uniqueness of today’s women. 

Bold, beautiful, edgy, chic to classy sophistication, jewellery designs today celebrate the modern women who know what she wants. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your personal style to reflect your personality, then you sure should be adding these top jewellery trends to your 2022 wardrobe.

5 Modern Jewellery Designs for Women:

Nature Inspired

From delicate flowers to birds and animals to even bugs and insects, jewellery has always been inspired by nature. While the trend has been there for long, unique designs that replicate elements from the world around us is back in fashion. From gold leaf earrings to stone-studded flowers to butterflies, you can take your pick to match your outfit. Just make sure you choose subtle and sophisticated and don’t go overboard when it comes to nature-inspired jewellery.

Mesmerising Enamel

When you want something dazzling nothing works better than enamel jewellery. This decorative metal-coating technique in jewellery has seen many seasons but its influence refuses to die down. They come in brilliant hues and are great to add a pop of colour to anything you wear. From colourful rings to pendants and earrings, the options are endless and they’re just what you need to jazz up your outfit.

Bold Chains

The ultimate of edgy fashion, bold chains are a must if you want to make a stunning entry wherever you go. A great conversation starter and the perfect accessory for turning any outfit into something more, bold chains will instantly transform what you wear. From layered to unique pieces that exude a very edgy chic vibe, you can go with a wide variety of styles to enhance your outfit

Stackable Bracelets

When stacked right bracelets can elevate even a casual tee to give it a very dressed-up feel. Stacking bracelets have been a big trend lately and will continue to be a top favourite among fashionistas. From textures and metals to shapes and embellishments, you can mix and match different styles to make your own unique bracelet stack. You can even experiment with sizes and combine different textures and add your watch to the mix to create a personalised style.

Natural Stone

The allure of natural stones jewellery is universal. Perfect for formal and casual occasions, natural stone encrusted jewelry adds an air of sophistication and charm to any ensemble. Be it sparkling citrine earrings or a turquoise pendant necklace, you should invest in some classic pieces to elevate your style. Moreover, natural stones have healing properties, and they are great to increase a sense of positivity.


When it comes to modern jewellery designs, there are no dearth of options. From colourful beads to pearls and enamel, you could choose from a wide variety of modern jewellery online at IshqMe, to up your style game. While a few pieces might continue to hold a prominent place in your jewellery box, there are some that you should invest in if you want to collect timeless designs that are versatile and will never go out of style no matter when you choose to wear them.


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