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5 Women's Fashion Trends You Can Follow All Year Round

5 Fashion Trends to Look Out For: Go Bigger, Bolder Go The Happy Vibrant Way Show that Mid-Riff Layer On Gal Show-Off the Yarn Bottom-Line Fashion Trends come and go...

5 Fashion Trends to Look Out For:


Fashion Trends come and go and if you want to follow them to a tee, you’ll probably have to change your wardrobe all the time. But none of us can afford that, and why should you give up on your favourite ruched dress or baggy jeans because it’s not in fashion anymore? Fashion is always changing but over the years we’ve noticed that the ‘passe pieces’ that we’re ready to push to the bottom drawer make a comeback every few seasons. 

So, rest assured that while the fashion tides change ever-so-often it will not be a fashion faux-pas to give up on anything too soon. After all, you never know when they’ll be the ‘it’ thing to wear and you’ll be forced to buy those styles back. So, here’s our list of the borrowed trends that have been around for quite some time already but continue to stay a favourite, no matter what the season.

5 Fashion Trends to Look Out For:

Go Bigger, Bolder

Yes, the big comfortable style has become a staple thanks to lockdowns and the WFH lifestyle. It combines carefree style with comfort and not surprisingly everyone has latched onto it. But it’s not only the comfortable baggy trousers or the oversized blazers that are in vogue, it’s also the bold statement making pieces that are a favourite. The trend of “go bold or go home” is here to stay so, fish out your oversized clothes or flaunt those eye-catching earrings, it’s time to make a big statement wherever you go.

Go The Happy Vibrant Way

The rise of joyful colours is not new but after two years of staying home, it’s time to paint the town red, blue, green, yellow, and whatnot! Colourful silhouettes are the new big thing. Add a splash of vibrancy to your outfits with colourful pieces. Be it a rainbow skirt or eye-popping shoes, yellow danglers, or a colourful tote, you can go with anything that complements your overall look. Just don’t go easy on the colours, choose vibrant and happy hues, and let them steal the show.


Show that Mid-Riff

A recurring style, the mid-riff baring tops to the low-waisted jeans are all back with a bang and it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon. A style that can be carried off by anyone, no matter their shape, the torso-baring styles can be tweaked to suit your comfort. Don’t want to bare it all? Just go with stylish cropped tops and wear high-waisted trousers or a skirt, even the barely-there look is good enough, just go ahead and flaunt that torso!

Layer On Gal

Layering never goes out of style. From layered necklaces to adding layers to our outfits with a scarf, denim jacket, or cardigan, or simply wrapping a stole around our necks, we’ve done it all. But the good thing is, it never goes out of style. You can hardly go wrong with layering, and it adds interest to styling the same outfit in different ways. So, continue to layer it up like a diva this year too.


Show-Off the Yarn

Knits are so hot right now and you should try them out too. Well, unless you live in an ‘it’s the same season all year through’ city you should be able to add some knitwear to your outfit for the day. Not sure you could? Then wear it around the neck or carry a nice, knitted purse. From crochet sling bags, macrame crossbody bags to crochet necklaces, you can try a whole assortment of them to show off that yarn.



Fashion is all about comfort, if you’re comfortable in what you wear you don’t really have to be bothered about the changing trends. While fashion trends might stay for a long time to come, some can be your wardrobe staple all seasons through. If you like it wear it and rest assured these styles are not going away anytime soon.


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