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Signs You Need to Take a ‘Me Time’ Break ASAP

We’re all multitasking; a little too much for our own good. Being able to do everything is great, but doing it every day, 24x7 can only lead to a burnout....

We’re all multitasking; a little too much for our own good. Being able to do everything is great, but doing it every day, 24x7 can only lead to a burnout. And while each of us deal with everyday stressors differently, recognising that you’re almost at the end of your tether can help you stop and change gears to prioritise your wellbeing. 

Here are five signs that you really need to take a ‘me time’ break right now.  

There’s No Joy in Anything

Are you losing interest in the things you enjoyed before? You’re procrastinating, putting off your pet projects, you’re bored all the time, you’ve stopped indulging in creative pastimes and seem to have more bad days than good? While all this might appear like everyday stress, it’s important to realise that it’s just your mind calling out for some much needed ‘alone time’. You’re overbooked and the stress of it all is trickling into your psyche, disrupting your well-being and your sanity. When your spirit fails, it can suck out the joy, your aspirations, and your inclination to pursue anything that might require you to expend your creative energies. 

Being able to recognise the signs is half the battle won. Make time for a ‘me date’ right away. Watch DIY videos, read, go for a walk, listen to music, do things that will inspire you. Some new inspiration and the focus needed for new hobby will get you back on track in no time. 

The Mindless Eating

Emotional eating is one of the banes of stress. Let’s be honest, all of us go through the phase of binge eating when we’re stretched beyond our limits. And the offshoot, well, the excessive weight gain will only add to our ever-mounting miseries. 


As soon as the stress eating period begins try to identify the triggers. Is it exhaustion or are you feeling overwhelmed by all that you have to do? If you’re feeling swamped by work, just switch off, go pick up a book, or start doodling, knitting or just go sit somewhere quiet. Do anything to take your mind off. When you check on yourself and try to find out what’s happening internally it can help you find a solution much sooner. 

Feeling Rattled by the Little Things

Are the small things affecting you all of a sudden? Does forgetting something make you go blank or break down and feel helpless?  Does not being able to find something, the keys, clothes or just about anything, suddenly make you angry, emotional, frustrated all at once? Let’s face it, you need some ‘me time’ ASAP. 

When you start to feel overwhelmed, find out what is really bothering you? Stop yourself to think if what you need is indispensable at that point in time. Is it really the things you need and not having it in hand that’s affecting you so much? When the emotional outbursts begin, stop immediately to give yourself a reality-check. Figure out if you’re hungry, tired, thirsty, feeling sick. Take care of that first and then reach out for help. Ask someone else to run errands or complete the tasks for the day. That way you can take some time off to relax and recharge. 

Getting Snippy

Are you rude, bad-tempered, snappish for no apparent reason? Do the little things make you angry and sharp-tongued? Are you lashing out at your loved ones over things that doesn’t usually bother you? 

Exhaustion and impatience are common when you are overworked. When you’re snappy and grumpy all the time, it’s time to take some timeout. Get out of the room, practise meditation, listen to music, do a crossword. Do anything that can take your mind off the things that is making you edgy. And when you’re ready to face people get back to taking care of your work and responsibilities. 

Turning into a Recluse

Are your avoiding people needlessly? Are you withdrawing from conversations with your loved ones? Are you staying away from people and craving for some time away from the noise?

Retreating into a cocoon, is your mind’s way of telling you it needs some time of peace and quiet. You need to prioritise your happiness. Find things that will get you away from the mundane. Go on a ‘me date’. It could be for coffee or to the library. Just do something that you enjoy doing alone and use that time to reflect and rejuvenate. 

Whether it’s a spa day or curling up in the sofa with a good book, or something else that would make you happy, start making that a part of your everyday routine to stay in good spirits and health. Identifying the signs that you’re stretched is a good way to start making things right. And more importantly it can help you start making your wellbeing a priority now and stop heading towards a burnout every time.


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