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Self-Care Essentials: Giving Your Mind the Attention it Needs

We’re so lost creating a routine and doing the things that we want to do and have to do that we sometimes forget that our mind is never at rest....

We’re so lost creating a routine and doing the things that we want to do and have to do that we sometimes forget that our mind is never at rest. But there are times when we need the mental stimulation that keeps us alive and motivated. 

The challenges and the way you live your life can give you plenty of opportunities to push the boundaries of your mental makeup. However, there might be times when it’s not the challenges that you crave but just rest and recuperation. You need a bit of both to stay sharp and to build the life you want. And it’s important to note that of all the self-care routines, the most crucial is your mental well-being. It all starts with the mind, and here are some simple ways to turn the focus on staying mentally agile and healthy.

Clear the Clutter

There’s too much going on in your life but there’s only so much that your mind can handle at any given time. Every day you need to make it a habit to clear your mind and your thoughts. Whether you choose to wake up earlier than everyone else in the household to plan the day and spend time alone or create a daily journal and fill it with ‘everyday happenings’ at the end of the day, is all up to you. Just choose some alone time to really remove the unnecessary details you remember and dwell on. Write it down and let go; declutter your mind every day.

Avoid Toxic People

Is someone pulling you down every day? Limit your interactions with them. If this is someone you cannot avoid, figure out if you can sit and have a heart-to-heart to end the vicious cycle of toxicity. If that’s not possible, just avoid being around them or cutback on the time you have to spend with them. Never let negative people pull you down. 

Revisit an Old Hobby

Is there something you loved doing before? Start doing that again and see how happy it can make you. Hobbies are a great way to keep your mind occupied. And the bonus, they take away the stress and help you forget (albeit for a short time) about the things that are nagging you. Don’t have a hobby that you want to go back to? Start a new one, be it gardening, crafting, baking, choose what will really keep you engrossed for a while and make time to do it every day.

Intentionally schedule ‘Me Time’

Make ‘me time’ a part of your daily schedule and no matter what happens make sure you are undisturbed when you spend time on self-care. Me time activities are different for different people, choose what you want to do and not what you think your friends or neighbours do. Whether its sewing, taking a beauty break, yoga, gym, or a lonely cup of coffee, choose the one that makes you really shut out the world and make it a point to do it on a daily basis. 

Play a Boardgame or Try Jigsaw

Boardgames are fun and they keep you engrossed. Play every day with your kids or your spouse to stay mentally sharp. Not sure you have someone to play with? Try jigsaw. Putting pieces back together in their right place is mentally stimulating and a great mind exercise. Try it and you’ll be hooked.

Stay Inspired

Whether you want to watch, listen, or read stories of inspiration depends on you. But make it a habit to look up stories of people who overcame adversities to achieve their goals. This will give you a boost of inspiration and keep you motivated throughout the day and help you pick up the pieces when things fail.

Do Something Spontaneous

Want a rush of adrenaline? Do something new and unexpected. It could be as simple as sending flowers to your mom, or giving someone a gift, or even driving up to surprise a friend at work. Doing something without planning will give you a rush of happiness and the bonus, you get to put a smile on someone’s face, even if it’s only yours, it’s truly worth it. 

From unplugging your electronic devices to reading a book, or removing negative thoughts, there are many things you should do to unclutter your mind every day. And when you think you’re not able to beat the anger or seem frustrated, you know you have to take a ‘me time’ break right away. You mind needs it and it’s about time you honoured that commitment you’ve made to yourself.


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