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Practical Steps to Begin Your Self-Love Journey

  How much do you love yourself? Have you ever wondered about it? We spend our lifetime caring for others but never really do the same when it comes to...


How much do you love yourself? Have you ever wondered about it? We spend our lifetime caring for others but never really do the same when it comes to our own selves. If you don’t agree with this, think of all the times you have given up on something you like to be there for someone else? Yes, this need to sacrifice, and nurture could be an intrinsic part of you, but you cannot let that affect your wellbeing and the choices you make towards living an enriching life. 

Self-love begins with acknowledging that you are important and working towards being kinder and more connected with yourself, your wants, goals, dreams and wishes. If you haven’t already started building a loving relationship with yourself, here are our simple tips to set sail on your journey to ‘I Love Me’. 

Keep Your Promises to Yourself

When you make a promise to yourself to start or stop doing something, how often do you keep it? It might seem easier to keep your word when it comes to someone else, but very difficult when you have to return yourself the favour. You are a lot more important to you than others are to you. But you might feel there’s always another time and place to start or stop doing something. Stop doing that! You only promise to do or stop doing something for your own good. So, make it a point to stick to it and see it through.

Inculcate Self-Discipline

There are so many things in your life that you do diligently and make it non-negotiable but why is the rule not applicable when it comes to your well-being? Not getting the drift — doing things on time for everyone, getting the home organised, juggling responsibilities to make sure everyone is happy and able to pursue their dreams. Well, you are disciplined when it comes to others, but why not do the same when it comes to things that can make your life better? From exercising for your health, to eating on time, taking time to unwind and relax to budging to save for a rainy day, there could many things that you could be ignoring but that has long-term repercussions to your life and health. Think about the areas in your life that will benefit from self-discipline and start doing it. Your life will be much more fulfilling when you know what is important to you and start making the changes to live well.


Let Your Instincts Lead the Way

Your intuition is always right. Listen to it and pay attention to what it says when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Oftentimes we stop paying attention to our inner compass that is always there to guide the way. If you start listening to your inner voice you will be able to move towards a life that is better for you inside out.

Indulge In Pep-Talk

Being honest is good for you, but the same does not apply with berating yourself and being downright mean. We are kinder with others but a lot more self-critical with ourselves, not realising the damage it can do to our psyche. Always try to lift your spirits up even when things go wrong. Don’t be overtly critical and stop being condescending when it comes to yourself. Start your self-nurturing journey by being kinder, positive and more uplifting in your self-dialogues. 



Celebrate Your Body

Whatever your shape, accept and celebrate it and stop putting yourself down. Take care of your health with exercise and good nutrition. Not happy with the way you look? Do something about it instead of ignoring the signs. Self-medicating, sitting too long on the couch, binge eating unhealthy food, snacking a bit too much for your own good, you cannot do this all the time. Make an honest effort to take care of your body and mind and see the results of your self-care; and while you’re at it don’t forget to do the same for your skin.

Don’t Waste Time on the Unnecessary

You cannot live a life of regret. Think about the things that matter to you and stop worrying about the things that don’t. There’s nothing to be got by focusing on the unnecessary. Start looking at the big picture and decide on the things, people and the goals that matter and see if what you’re doing now serves that purpose — as for the rest, just let go.


Your life is yours first. Don’t let others dictate the terms. At the same time, living it right begins with you accepting, loving, and taking care of yourself. Make sure you give yourself enough time and scope to grow. Nourish your mind and body with the right habits and you’ll be more than ready to live the life that is important to you — a life where your self-love reigns supreme. 


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