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Me Time Routine: How to Shake Up Your Routine to Refresh Your Life

Table of Content 6 “Me-Time Routine” Ideas to Refresh Your Life: Start Something New Pursue Joy Do Something Completely Different Change Your Routine Change the Décor Challenge Yourself Conclusion Life...

Table of Content

6 “Me-Time Routine” Ideas to Refresh Your Life:


Life gets repetitive. It was not just during the lockdown, even before and after that we’ve had to deal with the tedium of sameness quite a few times. Yes, most of us love routines, as it keeps us organised, grounded and it eliminates surprises. But there are times when we have to shake things up a little bit, stretch our boundaries once in a while to beat the boredom and overcome the lack of motivation. 


We’re all creatures of habit. But a lot of times our habits can impede growth. And even our regular ‘me times routine’ can become a chore if it becomes a part of our day-to-day routine. So, let’s switch things a bit, try something new to explore the joys of the unexpected. Here are some new ways of exploring the unknown; just give it a shot to beat the monotony.

 6 “Me-Time Routine” Ideas to Refresh Your Life:

Start Something New

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never tried because of a number of reasons? This time don’t think, just take the plunge but with a plan of action. It has to be life changing. Whether you want to start a business, a YouTube channel, a discussion group, a podcast or even a blog, just do it. And do it with the intention of turning it into a business, if possible. Challenge yourself to try something that can become a part of your identity.

Pursue Joy

Now is there a fun activity you’ve always wanted to indulge in? Now is the time to take the leap. Pick something that will make you very happy and also tap into your creativity. When it’s creative, you will be motivated to pursue it and strive to improve your skills. Creative activities are also a great way to rewind. So jump in with no regrets, you’ll enjoy the process for sure.

Do Something Completely Different

Whether its books, movies or music try exploring new genres. Pick unfamiliar topics, if you like fiction, start reading non-fiction or biographies, listen to a drastically different type of music than your usual. Or if you’re used to the same route, trying to take a new one to work. Make ‘new and different’ your mantra.

Change Your Routine

Monday gym, Tuesday knitting, Wednesday movie time, well after a while you are bound to turn even your ‘me times’ into a routine that never changes. Change that, change times, schedules, do something new every day. You can still stick to your routine chores, just change the way you do it and the days and times you do it.

Change the Décor

A lot of times we know where things are and we kinda settle into a monotonous lifestyle. From your workspace to your home, all of it needs a fresh look too. Change the drapes, move the furniture, choose to work from a new nook, this will add some freshness to your mundane.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to do something and make it a point to stick to it. Whether it’s reading every day, eating something healthy, painting every day, it could be anything that will help you relax, but you need to make it a part of your daily routine and stick to it. Record your progress through a journal or a video, that will keep you motivate. Anyway it’ll be fun to revisit your memories after some time has passed.


Switching your me-time routine is good for you. It makes you explore the new and also keep things fresh. You could also try other things that will shake things up a bit. But whatever it is that you choose to do, just make sure you keep switching things up regularly to avoid getting stuck in a rut.


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