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Brilliant Ways to Maximize Your ‘Me Time’

Ah the joys of guiltlessly indulging in some ‘me time’! It’s refreshing and an instant mood enhancer. But we know that for many of us getting those glorious self-indulgent minutes...

Ah the joys of guiltlessly indulging in some ‘me time’! It’s refreshing and an instant mood enhancer. But we know that for many of us getting those glorious self-indulgent minutes (ideally lots of it every day) can be struggle. And you’ve probably figured out by now that unless you make it a point to spend time on your well-being, you’re never going to be the best version of yourself, ever!


We need that self-love to recharge and rejuvenate, and we must spend our little breaks efficiently to stop feeling overwhelmed and run-down every day. So, gals here’s what you can do to maximise the benefits in every single minute of your much-needed respite. Dive in for details.


Plan Ahead

Nothing works better than a carefully charted out ‘me time’ schedule. When you have figured the what, when and how of your ‘me time’ it becomes easier to spend your time doing the things you want to do. Yes, your plans can go wrong, you might be stuck with tasks, you might not be able to take a break at the scheduled time, however, planning ensures that you follow it through albeit with minor variations.



For some of us ‘me time’ could simply be time spent insta surfing. While this is all right occasionally don’t make this your permanent ‘me time’ ritual. Me time should be spent doing something that you really enjoy. Disconnecting from apps and emails will help you to turn the focus on yourself and your well-being and let your mind really rest.


Learn to Say No

While you like to stay on top of things and prefer to get things done yourself, learning to say ‘no’ can free up a lot of time for you. You don’t have to be everywhere, doing everything every time. When you learn to refuse and set priorities you will be able to focus on what’s important – you.


Try Something New

You know that happy rush of feelings when you do something that you’ve always wanted to do but could never work up the nerve or time to try? Try that during your ‘me time’. Doing something new is bound to make happy and content. It could be anything, riding a Ferris wheel, a relaxing massage, baking, sewing or anything else that you’ve never tried before.


Take a Class

Join a class if you cannot find anything interesting to do. Learning something will make you feel involved and also help you acquire a new skill. And the bonus, you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the whole process while someone else takes care of managing the activity. Choose a schedule that works for you and just sit back and relax and enjoy the whole new journey.


Remember that ‘me time’ is all about yourself and your interests. If you spend most of your day cooped up indoors, make it a point to step out every time you take a break and vice versa. Do you spend your day finishing up mundane chores? Use your alone time to catch up with people. Talking to people will boost your energy and make you happier but don’t talk about everyday stressors. If getting alone time is impossible then get your family involved in some fun activities. This way you can bond and enjoy some good company without thinking about the daily grind for a few minutes. But whatever it is that you choose to do make sure you really enjoy it.


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