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5 Simple Ways to Get Some ‘Me Time’ After A Long Day at Work

From managing deadlines to heading a team to just surviving an irate boss, work can come with its own struggles. All of us have different ways to cope with it....

From managing deadlines to heading a team to just surviving an irate boss, work can come with its own struggles. All of us have different ways to cope with it. While some of you have no time to think, as there are a million chores waiting for you at home, for some there might be help at hand. Whatever your situation, managing to squeeze in some alone time to relax is necessary, if your routine continues to be the same, day in and day out. 

Yes, there are so many things that you might have to do as soon as you get home. But spending some quality time with just yourself is critical to your long-term health and happiness. So, here are some simple relaxing things you can do as soon as you walk in and just before you get into the ‘chores’ frame of mind.

Take a Breather

You’ve just walked in; the world won’t come crashing down if you wait a few minutes before you start getting into chore mode. Take a hot bath if you want to, or just sit for a few minutes to catch your breath. While meditation might seem too much, you can quickly relax by doing a few rounds of deep breathing. Breathe in for ten seconds and exhale longer than you inhale. Think of something happy, feel grateful, and appreciate the things and the people you have in your life as you breathe. It will instantly fill you with serenity. 


This might seem impossible, but the best way to get your mind to switch off from the stress of the day is to read. You might not be able to read a chapter or a complete article, just a page or a few paragraphs would do. Reading is also a great way to upskill. So, while you can do this before you go to bed, most often than not, you would end up sleeping than picking a book. So every day after you get home, make it a point to read a page, or just a small poem to keep you inspired.


Spend time with the people in your life. Check on them, ask about their day at school or work. Show genuine interest. Connect with the people you care about; call a friend if that will help you cheer up. 

Try a New Recipe

Cooking is therapeutic, but every so often we’re in a hurry that it never really feels that way. Everyday make it a point to cook something for you to indulge (keeping your health in mind). Yes, cheat days of binge eating is fine occasionally, but cook something new to really enjoy the process of learning and trying something new. Learning and accomplishing something are greatly satisfying, so it will help you feel good about yourself. 

Switch Off Completely

Do nothing for some time. Don’t think, just sit, and relax. Stop your mind from drifting off to work or the chores to complete. Just sit back and take in the feeling of being alive and well and being back home. Don’t dissect your day, just shut down your mind for a few minutes. 

From taking a nap or doing a quick sketch or having a quick cup of tea, you can try a number of things to relax before you start your household chores. Don’t dive right into your chores as soon as you walk in; just take a few minutes off to really enjoy your own company. You deserve the break, remember that. And while the list might seem long and impossible there’s no harm in trying. After all you’re doing it for yourself, and if you don’t take care of you, who else would? 


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