Bold Black Moroccan Cocktail Look

The Bold Black Moroccan Cocktail Look is the epitome of evening charm, centred around Soraya - One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress and accessories that enhance its allure.

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Soraya - One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress

The Soraya Dress with its plush velvet and distinctive one-shoulder cut offers a canvas for style. The unique metal chain lace detail draws the eye, suggesting accessories that complement its bold yet refined statement. Know More


Coral Drop Filigree Earring

These earrings are a rich complement to the Soraya Dress. Their intricate filigree design and vibrant corals mirror the Moroccan inspiration of the dress, adding a layer of allure and opulence. Know More


Long wrap 18K Gold Plated Bracelet

The Long Wrap Bracelet, with its sleek gold finish and subtle enamel detailing, wraps around the wrist to add a modern twist. It reflects the dress's elegance and enhances the look with a hint of subtle shimmer. Know More


Neon Glam sequinned clutch

The clutch brings a playful yet sophisticated edge. Its black and gold sequins resonate with the dress's style, while the neon sequins inject a pop of colour that captures the spirit of the cocktail party. Know More